Saturday, March 21, 2009


All the guns are trained on this site and this team now.

Suddenly, everyone’s wants us to disband the team. “You’ve lost reputation, so just disband and start anew!”, or “Nobody knows who’s been hacked in the team anymore, so just ban the whole team and start afresh!”. Well i sure wish nobody tries to sabotage your teams, else everyone would be urging you to disband your own teams.

Another thing. I think it’s absolutely disgusting that people say “As long as they fold for anonymous under the default team 0, it’s okay, but if an “illegal” team overtakes us, then it’s not!”, or “OMG they’re going to overtake us, and since they have a few illegal accounts, they should be disbanded!”. It just brings out the ugly side of the competition in Folding@Home.


I hope everyone would put some serious thinking into everything before they post anything. Most of all, put yourselves in our shoes, and don’t see the wronged as the wrong.


alan2308 said...

We can ask the same of you, put yourself in the shoes of the rest of the F@H community.

Your team has the highest number of users, by a margin of 3:1 over the next highest total in that category. Yet you have no forum, and just a blog that's been up for a matter of days from what I can tell. How did you manage to recruit nearly 6000 users in such a short time? HardOCP is backed by a well known web site and one of the highest traffic forums on the internet. MaximumPC and CustomPC are backed by highly distributed magazines, and yet all 3 of us combined don't have nearly 6000 users. And we've been around a lot longer to boot. Do YOU even know how many of those 6000 are legit?

That many users in that short of a time with no real means of recruitment should and does make everyone suspicious of your entire team.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the internet is becoming more and more about who can suck the most, cause that makes you the coolest.

10e said...

All I can say is this:

User Anonymous, Team FTL taken from Stanford's stats:

Date of last work unit 2009-03-21 18:12:35
Total score 2065477
Overall rank (if points are combined) 2109 of 1209048
Active processors (within 50 days) 2653
Active processors (within 7 days) 1989

This is a "user" averaging over 160K PPD.

'Nuff said.

Team FTL said...

"Anonymous" is the default and well, is for those who don't want to put a username. So it would definitely have a lot of people.

Look at the default Anonymous account (team 0):

Date of last work unit 2009-03-21 18:14:05
Total score 488288938
Overall rank (if points are combined) 1 of 1209048
Active processors (within 50 days) 29042
Active processors (within 7 days) 16141

10e said...

Team Zero is default, which indicates a client with "no user config".

Your "anonymous" user is one eighth the size in active clients of the "default" anonymous user.

This should be on your "list" of fake clients is all I'm saying.

Anonymous said...

Its alan2308 again, I'm not at home and can't remember my password here.

How many other teams have such a strong "Anonymous" production? I'll save you the trouble of looking it up, the answer is none. But I like how you ignored my original post and jumped all over 10e with the lecture on what the "Anonymous" user is. Though by pointing out that there's hundreds if not thousands of other users under anonymous, you're making my questions even more relevant. No forum, no site, how are you recruiting all these people if you're doing it all legit? It's not just sour grapes when EVERY team thinks something is fishy.

I've been folding for 4 years. I know what the Anonymous user is, and I fully know the difference between anonymous/0 and anonymous/149135. I can't speak for 10e, but I would be willing to guess he has the same knowledge.

Anonymous said...

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