Saturday, March 21, 2009


All the guns are trained on this site and this team now.

Suddenly, everyone’s wants us to disband the team. “You’ve lost reputation, so just disband and start anew!”, or “Nobody knows who’s been hacked in the team anymore, so just ban the whole team and start afresh!”. Well i sure wish nobody tries to sabotage your teams, else everyone would be urging you to disband your own teams.

Another thing. I think it’s absolutely disgusting that people say “As long as they fold for anonymous under the default team 0, it’s okay, but if an “illegal” team overtakes us, then it’s not!”, or “OMG they’re going to overtake us, and since they have a few illegal accounts, they should be disbanded!”. It just brings out the ugly side of the competition in Folding@Home.


I hope everyone would put some serious thinking into everything before they post anything. Most of all, put yourselves in our shoes, and don’t see the wronged as the wrong.